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 Your Host - Alicia Morey

Your Host: Laurine Kulczycky

My name is Laurine Kulczycky and I am the owner of Strong Girl Company. I am a regional OPA figure champion, and a women's weight loss & strength specialist. I have always liked helping people so I decided to turn my love of fitness and my love for helping others into a career.

For the majority of my life I was stuck in a vicious yo-yo dieting, binge eating cycle because I felt I needed to be a certain weight. I can't count how many times a year I'd say "my diet starts Monday!" and I'd restrict myself to only eating salads to be "healthy" then I'd binge on anything and everything, feel horrible for eating all of it –AND - the cycle would continue.

So what was my lightbulb moment? What was the driving force to my change? I'll tell you! I woke up one morning, looked at my life and told myself "NO MORE!” I knew that the pain I'd feel staying stuck in my rut was way worse than the acute pain I'd feel if I chose to feel the fear of making a change and did it anyway. I started tackling my bad habits one by one. At first I only changed my breakfast, then I started going to the gym and before I knew it a "healthy" domino effect started to happen.

The combination of everything I did made me feel unstoppable and confident. I was able to prove to myself that food was not the enemy, I didn't need to feel bad for eating and I didn't need or want to be "perfect" anymore.


What You’ll Discover at this Seminar:

  1. Debunk quick fix myths.
  2. Avoid starvation gimmicks and excessive cardio workouts.
  3. Learn how to “prep” for the holiday party.
  4. What to eat to avoid bloating.
  5. How to recover the following day.
  6. What to eat, and what to drink.

Who Should Attend This Seminar?

  • women who are 

Why Put On This Seminar?

Conker and Laurine want to teach women that gimmicks are not going to get you results that are sustainable. Not only that, but most gimmicks will set you back even further in the long term, which is beyond frustrating. Women need to understand that (holiday) events are part of life, and although there are some steps you can take in preparation for them, the key to success in managing them is going to come from your everyday choices. Conker and Laurine want women to know and understand that consistency is the name of the game in order to maintain results.

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