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Karren Forrester - Bootcamp Director

I have always been an active person but was never involved in organized sports growing up. I am frequently asked how I got into fitness, and the truth is after my freshman year in college, I gained the infamous "freshman-15". I decided at that point, I would not go back in the fall the way I left in the spring!  I started running! Not for very long at first, but a little bit further every time.  By the end of that summer I had lost the dreaded "freshman-15", and gained a love for running. Over the years I did a lot of 5KM and 10KM races, and eventually a few half-marathons.  The year I turned 40 I decided to do a full marathon, and being from Boston I knew the only marathon I would ever want to do was THE Boston Marathon! I have also done several sprint-triathlons as well as Tough Mudder.  I enjoy the occasional yoga class as well as bootcamp classes, and I believe that weight training should be part of everyone's workout regimen.

I got in to personal training later in my life. I had always had an interest, but never the time with 2 daughters and a husband whose job could take him away on business frequently. In the last year, I have made the time to do something I always wanted to do, and would have regretted not pursuing.  I saw how fitness transformed my life at 19, but also over the years I have found that exercise has been such a positive aspect for me in so many ways like weight control, stress relief, as well as boosting my energy and mood, and I wanted to teach others the same thing. I feel that the time I spend working out is an investment in not only me but in my family. I like that my daughters see me as someone who truly enjoys working out and eating healthy. I love that I work in an industry that can help people either completely transform their lives, or just get that push they need to reach their goal. It's such a positive experience!! I love seeing clients giving a workout their all - leaving it all out there! It's awesome!! I feel fortunate to work where I do, with the people I work with, and the clients we serve!!