Open Athletic Development

Unlock Your Full Potential

The Team at Conker Fitness is offering open athletic development classes for athletes looking to reduce injury, increase strength and improve their overall game. Our experienced trainers have built a development pathway to help athletes reach all of their goals while staying healthy and in the game. Our program is founded in proven exercise science and everything we do has a purpose, there is no ‘filler’. Building functional, strong, powerful and durable athletes is what we do best!

Our programs start from the ground up, to build a solid foundation. After a thorough assessment, athletes are lead through progressions that are appropriate to their abilities while challenging them to extend themselves to learn and grow.

Quality is non-negotiable for us, ensuring all exercises are performed with attention to detail to not only reduce the chance of injury, but to enhance overall physical and neurological development.


Athletic Development Registration


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

4-5pm 4-5pm 4-5pm 4-5pm 4-5pm 11am 1-2pm

5-6pm 5-6pm 5-6pm 5-6pm 5-6pm

6-7pm 6-7pm 6-7pm 6-7pm 6-7pm

*More training slots will become available upon demand.


What You Need To Know

  • Online registration is required in order to book the training time slot. We are only accepting 10 athletes per trainer.

  • Time slots are booked on a first come first served basis

  • There is a 4 week minimum commitment

  • If a training session is missed, we cannot offer makeup sessions due to group capacity

  • After the first 4 weeks, you have the option to continue with biweekly payments. (We require a 2 week cancellation notice)

  • Athlete’s membership can be placed on hold to accommodate holidays/vacations

Pricing Breakdown

  • 1 session per week $50 biweekly

  • 2 sessions per week $90 biweekly

  • 3 sessions per week $120 biweekly