Fit Fast Boot Camp

Are you tired of the same old boring routine day after day? Are you not getting the results you know you deserve? We have the program for you! Our boot camp classes are fun, yet challenging enough to push you to your limits. Our classes are led by motivating coaches who will guide you through a workout you won’t regret! Our nutrition experts will teach you the secrets to sustainable proper nutrition that will help you reach your goals, but will also keep the pounds off forever! Our goal is to get you results  - We guarantee it!

Boot Camp Options:

Note: These classes are 45 minutes in length

  • 6 months unlimited $59 (+tax) bi weekly
  • 3 months unlimited $69 (+tax) bi weekly
  • 1 month unlimited $149 (+tax) per month

Please note: In order to attend one of these classes please make sure you sign up online as spaces are limited.

Conker Fitness was invited back for a second year at the Fall Fit Women's Weekend in Haliburton, to put over 200 women through boot camp classes on the beach! We had a blast coaching these women and showing them just how things are done at Conker Fitness! Check it out!

Conker Fitness recently hit the road in October 2013, and teamed up with the Women's Fall Fit Weekend at Camp Wanakita. We ran 4 classes on the beach, demonstrating exactly what we do in our boot camps in the gym on a daily basis. Take a look!

Read what our Boot Campers are saying...

Conker’s Fit Fast Boot Camp classes were the kick in the rear I needed to get myself back into a regular workout routine. The workouts are challenging but very manageable with high energy and tones of variety. All the instructors are fantastic and focused on working with you to help achieve your fitness goals. The classes have really given me the energy and motivation to continue to become more fit and healthy. I was really tired of my old workout routines. I found the gym boring, my own equipment just wasn’t motivating me like it used to, and those trusted DVDs that I used to enjoy were becoming stagnant. I really needed a change. I am so happy with my decision to join Conker Fitness. The Boot Camp classes have completely transformed my approach to exercise. The instructors are fantastic and really work hard to provide varied and challenging workouts each and every day. The classes are tough but never boring and I have noticed huge changes in both my energy and fitness levels.
— Lisa Bloor
I’ve been a member at Conker Fitness since May of 2013. I thoroughly enjoy their boot camp classes. Because of them, I feel much stronger and healthier. This particular program has taught me how to make better choices when it comes to food. I am laughing more, sleeping better and feeling confident about the way I look. I wanted to pass on my thanks to Conker Fitness and their amazing trainers for helping me through the path where I can be thankful, happy and focused on what’s important in my life
— Fiorella Zarlenga
We moved from Toronto to Oakville over two months ago and I started looking for a gym to join. With two kids under 4, making the time to workout and get in some ‘me-time’ is almost a luxury, and I wanted to find the right fit. I didnt want to join a big box gym and knew that boot camp style classes worked well for me in the past – 45 minutes and you are done a full body workout! I joined Conker Fitness (no confusing sign-up fees or secretive sales schemes) and I have been doing their boot camp classes 2-3 times/week. The classes leave me stronger and leaner, and I love seeing the same faces at the classes week after week. If you are willing to put the effort into your workouts and nutrition, you will see fantastic results!! Not that it should make a difference to my fitness regime – but the gym is super cool (think ‘crossfit’ meets ‘small group training’ meets ‘high intensity interval training’ with a really great group of down to earth & motivated people). I’ve been to classes with Jeff, Matt and Trista, and they are great trainers who are knowledgeable and care about what they do. I would definitely recommend Conker Fitness and their boot camp classes to anyone (at any age) who wants a good ‘kick-butt’ workout!
— Alexandra Bratton