Changing Your Mindset

A dieting mindset you must break: "There is nothing new here, its all old information."

I have heard this time and time again when it comes to weight loss information. You will see it at the bottom of blog comments, in reviews of programs, and all over the internet in forums, social media comments, and discussion boards.Have you ever heard it or said it? If you have, then you better break this ridiculous tendency to look at things this way. It may be the very reason you are stuck. Think about this crazy idea for a second. Something has to be new and exciting to be effective? That's ridiculous!!!

The things that work don't stop working just because they have been around awhile! The things that work to get the body lean and strong have not changed. They are the same, and always will be! What works is what works not what is new and shiny. If you are program jumper always looking for the latest greatest program you are essentially acting like a child who gets bored with one toy and so wants another.

If you want change in your body, you have to wake up every day and do the shit that works! Move more, don't sit. Eat in a way that maximizes nutrition and satisfaction and minimizes calories. Exercise intelligently to build lean tissue and burn fat. These things are all very well understood. The things athletes and fit people were doing 20 years ago to get fit and stay fit, are essentially the same things that work today!

Sure, science can help us do things more efficiently and smarter, but the principles remain the same. Quit looking for the new shiny object and get to work on the simple stuff!

Here is how:

1) Eat- As many vegetables as you can fit in for the day. Eat enough protein to keep you from being hungry. Then find the amount of fat/starch and salt that keeps your food enjoyable without making you fat. 2) Move as much as possible by walking as much as you can 3) Workout with weights to build a nice looking shape and keep your metabolism amplified 4) Sleep, rest and recover and enjoy life. Do some exercise you love even if it is not the best for weight loss. Zumba will do little to help you lose weight, but if you love it then do it! Find what works for you and stick with it.