Move Over 6 Pack Abs, Sexy Backs Are In!

We've heard it for decades about how to build 6 pack abs, but the latest craze for women is a sexy back! There is no better feeling than wearing a backless dress to show off your lean toned back. 

Say goodbye to that bulge under the bra strap with these exercises you can easily implement into your workout routine. 

We recommend:

Renegade Rows as a combo exercise to not only build back muscle, but increase core strength too.

Pull-ups are an amazing way to really challenge your strength and build muscle. There are many progressions you can implement if you are not able to do a dead hang pull-up. Our clients love being able to use a band to counter balance their weight, and can progress with different band thicknesses.

Battles Ropes are an incredible tool to really maximize your workout! Great to keep that heart rate pumping, all while trimming your arms, shoulders and back. There are so many different variations you can do to keep it fun and exciting!

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