25 Tips To Lose Weight

  1. Do not diet (eat less and exercise more) and especially do not do it chronically (yo-yo dieting).
  2. Avoid or at least minimize the consumption of liquid calories (i.e. soda, alcohol, juice, and fruit smoothies).
  3. Prepare healthy meals for later.
  4. Get plenty of sleep and rest.
  5. Walk or move as much as you can.
  6. Exercise portion control and get an idea of many calories you are consuming.  Sadly, most people have no concept how many calories are on their plate or in certain foods, but most people know how long a mile is or what 1 gallon of water looks like.
  7. Have a glass of water before each meal.
  8. Use an unsweetened fiber supplement before meals. There is lots of great research on using fiber to help with weight loss.
  9. Drink any or all of the following on a regular basis: unsweetened green tea, unsweetened black coffee, and unsweetened cocoa (1 tablespoon of organic cocoa mixed in hot water).   Compounds in these beverages appear to help with fat loss.
  10. Use lots of vinegar.  Vinegar has a satiating effect.
  11. Use lots of spices in your cooking, with the exception of salt. Many plant chemicals in spices help to make your body burn fat better, especially the spicy ones.
  12. Use smaller plates and utensils.  It is interesting to compare the average plate sizes from the 1940’s and 50’s to the plate sizes today.
  13. Eat and chew your food slowly.
  14. Chose protein, fibrous foods (vegetables), and fatty foods over starchy foods.  Try not to combine fat and starch together.
  15. For noodle based meals like pasta, stir-fries, or noodle soups use noodle substitutes like zucchini noodles.
  16. Eat a protein and fiber based breakfast.  Starting you day off with a muffin and coffee can lead to a blood sugar roller coaster ride the rest of the day, and should be avoided.
  17. Use your scale or tape measure on a regular basis to keep yourself honest.
  18. Minimize the use of the television.
  19. Exercise using weights.  Aerobic exercise is healthy exercise, but weight training appears to be better for fat loss.
  20. Use a fiber supplement.
  21. Get a pedometer, like a fitbit or jawbone…and use it.
  22. Use protein dense and fiber dense convenience foods when in a pinch.  These may include protein powders, jerkies, High fiber Quest bars, protein bars, etc.
  23. Eat lower carbohydrate meals.  This does not mean to avoid carbs all together.  Some people will need more, but most of us will need less.
  24. Minimize eating out as much as you can.
  25. Know the difference between emotional hunger and physical hunger.